Angkor Wii Tours welcomes you to Siem Reap, Cambodia!

A thumbs up from Wii!My name is Hing Thavy, my friends call me “Wii” (wee). I am a husband and a father of twin boys and a daughter, and I am a Siem Reap Taxi driver and tour guide, including Angkor Wat.

My family has been in Siem Reap for generations and we are proud to share the culture, adventure, religion and food with visitors from around the world.

I speak excellent English and drive an immaculate Lexus, which is air-conditioned, and I can tailor your trip for you – even before you arrive! From picking you up at the airport to being available around your schedule, I can show you the authentic side of life in Siem Reap.

Always available by mobile phone, I can also assist with logistics from hotel suggestions to finding authentic Khmer food to locating ATM’s to emergency situations.. even for simple tasks as finding a reliable laundry location.

You can also find me on Facebook – No Problem!

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Places to Visit

Siem Reap and the surrounding area is known for its amazing and ancient temples, but did you know there is so much more?

  • Phare Circus
  • Sunset Lake Tour
  • Silk Farm and Shopping
  • Apsara Dance
  • Civil War Sites
  • Bamboo Train
  • Quad Bike Tours
  • Cooking Classes

My Services

  • Prompt, courteous, respectful service
  • Skillful English to Khmer translation
  • Flexible to meet your timing needs
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Attraction and event recommendations
  • Excellent knowledge of local history
  • Photograph Location tips
  • Cold drinks always available